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Global Excursion

UI/UX Development, Responsiveness, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design


Global Excursion started its operations in 2017 and have its offices in United Kingdom and Malaysia with an aim to spread tourism and make tourism easily accessible through their platform. They deal in Asia Pacific, UK/Europe, Middle East and USA tourism. Their services include Fixed departure, group departure, Event Management, Luxury Tours and Medical Tourism. Global Excursion is dedicated to provide their clients amazing travel experience, customized tour packages and itinerary, perfect sight seeing tour, food and stay, and budget friendly so that it does not go heavy on your pocket. Customized travel also be dependent on the budget, so you can get luxury packages as well if you are willing to invest more. Global Excursion Laos allows their clients to book directly through local tour operator, to travel in modern cars and buses, guided by experienced guides, and to travel with official tour operators.


The problem which was faced by the developers and digital marketers was that Global Excursion needs a very attractive website with amazing animations to attract their customers as it was tourism industry and the websites needs to attract customers through their pictures and animations. The company offers numerous services and hence the website turned out to be huge so the very important part was to sort each service out under clear headers so that the respective clients don’t get confused over the same. The website needed to be made in such a manner so that anyone can reach their respective destinations in 2 clicks and do not have to go through a number of pages to search the required page.


After going through all the requirements the entire team from developers to digital marketers sat together to finalize the design and come up with possible solutions for the problem in hand. Our team came up with a number of possible solutions and the best one was implemented. We came out with an attractive theme to go with the tourism industry and we worked on the front end with attractive animations to go with the theme and colors. The whole theme was sorted out in respective headers and the website was made in such a manner as to the visitors can reach their respective destinations and find relevant services which matched their needs. We also chose a PHP backend so that website speed is maintained and large data can be accessed easily.


The results came out be amazingly well as now the headers were perfectly sorted out and each header contains respective sub category or headers. The visitors can reach the website with minimum clicks and the frontend was amazingly attractive so the visitor that visits the website stays there and chances out the pictures and our services. The packages were sorted out not each category and displayed with varying prices. The speed of the website came out be exceptionally well and there was no difficulty whatsoever in accessing the backend and the frontend. The content was used so that SEO can be done and the website was completely SEO optimized.

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