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Trip Master India


UI/UX Development, Responsiveness, Digital Marketing


Trip Master was established with an aim to fulfilling the tourism need for people who want to travel in or to India. Trip Master India is dedicated to provide tour packages within India and is not limited to couple or family travels but also provide group tours across India. From the mesmerizing tour of North East to the deserts of Rajasthan, from the Rann of Kutch of Gujarat to the sparkling lakes of Kashmir. Trip Master India know exactly how to make Indian tourism the best ones. Trip Master India provides quality services at competitive rates and anyone can book the tours without going much heavy on their pockets. The founders themselves have visited every nook and corner of India and know exactly how to give the best tour experience to their clients who wish to travel in India.


The problem in front of the agency was that the website was huge covering all the aspects of Indian travels and since India itself has a lot of places to go, it becomes relatively difficult to cover all the aspects at one place and also make the website accessible. The front end should be very attractive so that the people coming to visit and think about booking the travel can see the actual image and only dream about how the place will actually look when they are there. The backend should be easily accessible, all the forms redirected to the mail id so that it becomes easier for the person who will be handling the bookings. The frontend should be structured in a manner so that any place can be reached in two clicks.


A team meeting was held including the designer, developer and the digital marketers. A number of probable solutions came out and the idea was to implement the best one so as to bring out the best of the results. A PHP platform was chosen for the backend and the frontend was to be made of HTML so as to customize the frontend according to our and the clients wishes. An attractive layout was developed so the customers can get attracted and visit the website due to that. Appropriate content was added according to the digital marketers wth specific keywords embedded in the same so as to aid the SEO process and let the website rank on top. The content needs to be properly placed along with the pictures so the description clearly matches the photos placed and the visitor who can be a prospective customer can understand the same.


The result was amazingly good and the solution which was implemented worked very good. The frontend came out be be very attractive so that visitors visits the website by just seeing the colors, beautiful pictures and the description matching the pictures. Everything was structured and well placed under each header. The country was divided into different geographies and cities which can be visited were well placed under specific category so that it becomes easier for people to identify and plan their travels accordingly. Here was enough material for people to understand the geographies and speciality of each cities. A header which contains nearby countries and places to visit was also accommodated so that people who wish to travel to such places do not get disappointed.

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